A Carfax Report is a Great Place to Start

Whenever you’re looking to buy any kind of vehicle used, safe practice is to always check the vehicle history in Anchorage, AK or wherever you are purchasing the car. Don’t buy a car sight unseen, always take the vehicle to a third-party mechanic to perform an inspection and get the Carfax report handed to you by the dealership or owner. A Carfax report is a great source to do a VIN lookup but if you want to also perform other vehicle history check then AutoCheck is also a good outlet to use. Reports you may find on these tools are:

Previous accidents and details

Odometer inaccuracies

Damage reports

Branded title reports

Service history

Ownership history

Type of Use

And more!


Always Do a VIN Lookup to Check Your Car’s History

It’s important to do a vehicle history check no matter the type of vehicle you’re looking to purchase and even some motorcycles provide information when you perform a VIN lookup. If you have any questions about the vehicle’s history, then ask the sales team or owner you’re purchasing from to see if they can provide pictures or more information about their Anchorage used cars. Usually, you’ll want to steer clear of a vehicle that has been in a previous accident though if you’re in a bind, a minor accident only involving the body of the vehicle would be acceptable. Structural damage compromises the safety of the vehicle if it is involved in another accident and could risk unnecessary injury to the driver or passengers! Checking your vehicle history through a Carfax report is quick, easy, and saves you the future headache of dealing with an unsafe ownership.