How to Buy a Used Car in Anchorage Alaska

How do you purchase a pre-owned car in Anchorage, Alaska without having to worry? It’s stressful buying a used car; here’s a step-by-step process on how to do car-buying without the worry and anxiety:

Step 1: Figure Out What Used Car You Want

            A good resource to use when finding out what used car you want would be either or Both can narrow down used cars by bodystyle and price range, so you can look for what you want, where you want, and find competitors to compare against. Don’t spend money on something you’re not going to be excited about and always make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Step 2: Look for a Good Deal, But Don’t Be Fooled

            Always be careful of scammers! It’s scary to think about, but CarFax and other car history guides are here to help you identify if a used truck, car, or SUV has been in an accident or has a branded title. Both can depreciate a car’s value and pose a safety risk, so try to avoid any red flags that might show up.

Step 3: Shop Certified Pre-Owned or Complimentary Warranty

            A great way to buy a used car is to buy one with a certified pre-owned manufacturer’s warranty or to find a dealer that provides complimentary service contracts. This means they stand behind their inspection and if anything goes wrong then the bill is on them. Dealerships like Kendall Auto Group or other manufacturer’s used car dealerships supply both.

Step 4: Test Drive to Make Sure

            A test drive is about more than just driving to see if you like the way a car drives; it’s about seeing if you fit in the driver’s seat, if you’re comfortable, if the car will fit in your parking space or garage, and most importantly, if you’re confident while driving and feel safe behind the wheel. Always take the car you’re looking at for a test drive before signing any papers and maybe get it inspected by a third-party shop or technician.

Step 5: Get an Insurance Quote

            A not-so-great surprise that often happens when purchasing a new or used car is having a surprise by the insurance company that comes in the shape of a bill. A quote by your insurance is always a good idea when looking at changing up what you roll around town in. For example, a Subaru WRX costs much more to ensure that a Ford Focus and they’re almost the same vehicle.

Step 6: Get Appropriate Financing and Check the Purchase Agreement

            In case your bank can’t give you an interest rate you like, try asking the dealership selling the car if they can beat your bank. Used cars anchorage dealerships have relationships with credit unions and other banks and can usually sweet talk you into a lower interest rate by calling themselves. Never be afraid to ask questions when buying or negotiating anything.